Born Fire has been launched in Delhi NCR by Member of Parliament Mahesh Sharma, Ex. Defence Minister General V K Singh & Famous Singer Malini Awasthi.

India has the largest democracy in the world. A huge and fast growing middle class. It makes more movies than any other country, 1,500 to 2,000 annually. And its people are famously fanatical about those movies and their movie stars. By almost any measure, India should be the world’s highest grossing territory in theatrical revenue.

So why does India’s movie industry gross only $2 billion per year at the box office?

That amount is just a fifth of North America’s gross, despite a population more than three times larger. Less than a third the size of China’s industry. Even less than Japan’s, which has one-tenth the population that India has and far fewer movie screens.

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  • India is severely under-screened.
  • India’s movie theaters are sub-par.
  • India’s film economy is splintered into several regional industries.
  • Ticket prices in India are too low.
  • Taxes are too high.
  • Piracy is rampant, and government-supported.
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Film making business starts from 50 lakh.

Call Now :+91-9582327405 OR Contact us by filling the form